S.purpurea in flower.

I love the colours on the flower


Some random shots around the glasshouse showing the sarracenia pitchers forming and the flowers opening.

S.flava Goldie getting ready to pop. 

I just love the way the pitcher turns to that striking yellow / gold colour.

S.flava Goldie getting ready to pop.

I just love the way the pitcher turns to that striking yellow / gold colour.


stickytraps asked: Hope you don't mind me asking another question or two....! Do you find that using the fogger causes a temperature drop? I'm looking to get a further drop of perhaps 3-4 degrees C at night, without spending serious money. If the fogger drops it a couple of degrees that would probably be fine. Have you had any problems with the fogger - it seems some people like it, but a lot have had problems with it breaking within a month or so. Just a bit worrying!

Hi sorry for the delay replying. I don’t measure the min temp as I only have a standard thermometer so can’t answer your question. As I only run the fogger for a limited time I would guess any temperature drop is minimal. But if you chilled the water in the fridge prior to fogging I would guess you word get a nice temp drop while the fogger was working.

Up to the point you asked the question about reliability the fogger was fine. As soon as I turned it in that day it stopped working, so I have it in bits now trying to sort it out and am using a water squirter instead!


stickytraps asked: I really like the look of your new Nepenthes terrarium! What are the dimensions, and what sort of mister / cooler are you using? Is it a reptile / frog misting unit? Would you use tap water in that, or cleaned rainwater (algae may be problem??) Sorry for all the questions - it's such a tempting set-up! Sure it will give you great results. Cheers!

Hi, it’s an ‘Exo Terra’ terrarium is 45cm deep, 60cm tall and 60cm wide, and I recently picked it up for next to nothing out of a classified ad. It came with a three bulb cover and a mesh lid. I am currently fitting a perspex cover to the mesh lid to seal in the humidity, leaving the mesh as I found that it further defuses the mist. The mister is ‘Repti Fogger’ which I purchased off eBay last year and it is perfect as it produces huge amounts of mist and is very low maintenance. I only use rain water in the fogger / mister. I’ve not had any problem with algae, but do religiously clean the fogger every time I refill it with rain water. I was tempted with a cooler but have not found it necessary yet, the drop in temp when I turn off the lights and flood the tank with mist appears to be sufficient for the neps. The only further additions that I need to make are cutting another hole in the lid for a vent and possibly some extra lighting and perhaps a temp / humidity monitor so I can monitor the highs and lows. I’m hoping to post more photos soon, thanks for following and taking the time to contact me. Happy growing!


Just a quick test of the mister in the terrarium before I cut more holes in the lid for a cooling fan and then screw it all in place. Seems to be working well.


Part way thro setting up my new nepenthes highland terrarium, more grow room for my little monsters.

Need to cut holes in the Perspex cover today for inlets for the mister and a cooling fan. Then it’s time to clean up the old fishtank I was using and either plant that up with drosera or sun pitchers not sure which yet.

Drosera waking up an stretching its arms and grabbing some flies

Drosera waking up an stretching its arms and grabbing some flies



Kokedama is a Japanese art form that satisfies my deep lust for plants, crafts, round things and hanging things.  Instructions here.

What an amazing way of displaying plants, I just love this!

(via horticulturehaze)


The moss wall is coming to life, I’m all excited again!

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