The seedlings are being invaded! Where these drosera originally came from I have no idea, but hey i just love freebies from Mother Nature !


In the glasshouse cutting back dead pitchers and getting distracted by some newly popped beauties !


It’s dark and raining I don’t have a light in the glasshouse and I have some new plants to pot up. What should I do? Mmmmmm, I know convert the kitchen sink into a potting bench……I hope the wife doesn’t mind!

Still hungry and stunning

Still hungry and stunning


I just had to repot my cephalotus plants as I they were all over run with slug eggs! Ahhhhh nasty little creatures stay away from my plants


The first flowers on my saffron crocus’s. The flowers are far larger and more colourful than I expected. Wow!

Here’s another photo of my “Bloody Mary” pitcher

Here’s another photo of my “Bloody Mary” pitcher


The pitcher season is gradually coming to an end, the tall erect pitchers are slowly turning brown and looking tired. Whereas some are still growing and forming


These trays started off as a place to grow on vfts until they were big enough to pot. But nature had other ideas and decided to turn them into mini wild gardens. Who am I to object, after all they may be messy but the only plants I put in there were vfts the rest just sort of arrived and took over and I kinda like them as they are! What do you think?


Cobra Lilly’s and seedlings

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